Santa Fe School PTSO bylaws

I.                   Name

a.      The Santa Fe Parent Teacher Organization(P.T.O.) changed its name to the Santa Fe Parent Teacher Student Organization(P.T.S.O.) in September 2000.

II.                 Objective

a.      The purpose of the Santa Fe P.T.S.O. is statedin the following objects:

                                                              i.     To promote and contribute to the welfare ofchildren and youth in the home, school and community.

                                                            ii.     To promote a positive atmosphere of respect,effort and cooperation

                                                           iii.     To enhance school spirit and create a bondbetween the schools and the community, young and old.

                                                          iv.     To aid in communication between the home and theschool, by fostering a working relationship in partnership with teachers,staff, parents and students.

III.               Membership

a.      Membership is open to all parents, grandparents,students, community members, teachers and staff of the school. Dues to join theSanta Fe P.T.S.O. are five dollars for a family and three dollars for a singlemembership.

IV.               Officers and Duties

a.      Titles

                                                              i.     The offices of the Santa Fe P.T.S.O. will consistof a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The officers willconsist of two faculty/staff members (when possible) and three parents.

b.     Terms

                                                              i.     An officer can only serve two consecutive termsin one office. At the end of an officer’s first year, a nominating committeewill determine whether or not the current officer(s) will be retained (SeeNominating Procedure Article IV, Section D). A term is one year.

c.      Duties

                                                              i.     The Santa Fe P.T.S.O. officers will chair onecommittee during his/her term(s). All officers will assume additionalresponsibilities as needed.

1.      President

a.      The President presides over the regular andspecial called meetings.

2.      Vice President

a.      The Vice President assists the President. He/Sheassumes the role of President at the meetings in the absence of the President.

3.      Secretary

a.      The Secretary is responsible for obtainingCentral Office approval on all events or fundraisers two to three weeks priorto the occasion. He/She is also responsible for keeping the minutes of themeetings.

4.      Treasurer

a.      The Treasurer must be a parent of the school.He/She is responsible for keeping the financial records of the Santa Fe P.T.S.O.and reporting the balance and expenditures to the membership. The Treasurerfiles reconciliation forms with the Central Office following fundraisers andapproved events.

5.      Staff Representative

d.     Nominating Procedure

                                                              i.     In March, a nominating committee will be formedto decide upon the officers for the upcoming school year. The committee willconsist of two or three parent volunteers and two or three faculty/staffvolunteers. The volunteers will be obtained at the March meeting. The committeewill then decide whom to elect, and/or whether or not to retain first yearofficers for another year. Findings will be shared with the membership at theApril meeting. Nominated persons will be voted upon at the April meeting.

e.     Installation of Officers

                                                              i.     Officers will be installed at the May meeting.They will assume their positions and responsibilities at this time.

f.       Vacancies

                                                              i.     The Executive Board will appoint interimreplacements for any vacated positions. These appointments will stay in placeuntil the next scheduled election.

V.                 The Executive Board

                                                              i.     The Santa Fe P.T.S.O. Executive Board willconsist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, StaffRepresentative, President Preterm, School’s Principal, and a student (ifavailable).

VI.               Committees

a.      Committees will be established and filled at theAugust meeting. Members will be obtained by appointment and on a volunteerbasis. The following are standing committees; however, the Executive Board hasthe authority to establish other committees based on necessity.

                                                              i.     Program

1.      The Program committee is responsible forobtaining classes, organizations, and/or members to conduct a program at eachof the regular meetings.

                                                            ii.     Consignment

1.      The Consignment committee is responsible forconducting the Consignment Sale. This includes getting clothing for sale,sending out notices, setting up and running the sale, and the pick-up of anydonated items.

                                                           iii.     Fall Festival

1.      The Fall Festival committee is responsible forconducting the Fall Festival. This includes planning the event, setup andcleanup prior and post the event, and obtaining volunteers to run the event.

                                                          iv.     Fun Run

1.      The Fun Run committee is responsible forconducting the Fun Run in the spring. This includes obtaining businesssponsorships prior to the event, setup and cleanup of the event, and runningthe event.

                                                            v.     Refreshment

1.      The Refreshment committee is responsible forproviding for and/or serving at Santa Fe P.T.S.O. receptions.

                                                          vi.     Publicity

1.      The Publicity committee is responsible forkeeping the membership informed of meetings and other events sponsored by the SantaFe P.T.S.O.

                                                         vii.     Membership

1.      The Membership committee is responsible for encouragingand informing the parents, grandparents, community members, students, facultyand staff to join the Santa Fe P.T.S.O.

                                                       viii.     Project Committee

1.      The Project committee is responsible forassessing the needs of the school. They select and prioritize projects neededto meet the objects of the Santa Fe P.T.S.O. The school’s principal will serveon this committee.

VII.             Membership Meetings

a.      Regular Meetings

                                                              i.     The Santa Fe P.T.S.O. will meet quarterly throughout the school year.Dates will be posted on the school website.

b.     Special Meetings

                                                              i.     Special meetings may be called at the discretionof the Executive Board or membership.

c.      Order of Business

                                                              i.     The Executive Board will prepare the agenda forthe meetings. Agendas will be given out at the beginning of each meeting. TheExecutive Board reserves the right to change the format of the meetings ifdeemed necessary. The room count will be taken as parents, students,grandparents, staff, and other members enter the meeting. All parents,students, grandparents, and teachers will be counted for room count. Theclassroom teachers will be given twenty-five cents for every person attendingthe meeting and three dollars if they are a division winner. Teachers must beeither present or absent due to a Santa Fe School job related duty to win thethree dollars for room count. The divisions are set up as follows: elementary –grades preschool through five; middle school – grades six through eight; highschool – grades nine through twelve.

d.     Agenda for Meetings

                                                              i.     The Executive Board will prepare an agenda priorto each regular meeting.

VIII.           Standing Rules and Procedures

a.      Ongoing Commitments

                                                              i.     Financial Obligations

1.      The Santa Fe P.T.S.O. will fund the followingprojects with the stipulation of fund availability. All other expenditures musthave the approval of the majority of the membership in attendance at theregular or special called Santa Fe P.T.S.O. meeting.

a.      Refreshments at Meetings

b.     Girls and Boys State Representative

c.      Graduation Flowers and Reception

d.     Piano Tunings (not to exceed two per year)

e.     D.A.R.E Jackets

b.     Recognition of School Personnel

                                                              i.     Teacher Appreciation

1.      The Santa Fe P.T.S.O. will recognize teachersand staff during National Teacher Appreciation Week.

c.      Fundraisers

                                                              i.     The Santa Fe P.T.S.O. will conduct the followingfundraisers. All other fundraisers must have approval of the membership beforeoccurring.

1.      Fall Festival

2.      Spring Event - Fun Run or Spring Roundup

3.      Spell-A-Thon

4.      Local Restaurant Dining Night(s)

d.     Amendments

                                                              i.     The bylaws may be amended or revised at anyRegular Membership meeting by a majority vote of the membership present,provided:

1.      The proposed change(s) was reviewed andrecommended by the Executive Board.

2.      The proposed change(s) has been posted forreview by the membership two weeks prior to the meeting to adopt. (Copies ofthe proposed changes will be available for review in the school office, as wellas the school’s website.)